The Aspiring Stylists Apprentice Program


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Troutman Beauty Affaire ​...The Legacy Salon's Aspiring Stylist Apprentice Program is training program for licensed cosmetologists either post graduate or stylists wanting to get back into the creative world of being a hair stylist after a hiatus.  During this extensive and intense program, Aspiring Stylists rotate duties assisting our Master and Leading Stylists learning technical skills, quality control and business management that can only be acquired through years of experience from stylists at the top of our profession.  Meanwhile the Aspiring Stylist complete an intense training regimen including weekly classes and required homework.  

As part of our program, we allow our Aspiring Stylists to demonstrate their technical proficiency during "Jump Start Days", assisted by Judi Troutman and our Leading Stylists.  Once a week, on Monday afternoons, our Aspiring Stylists open their books to request-only appointments.   For clients who are price sensitive and have a flexible schedule, "Jump Start Days" can be your opportunity to reach your hair goals on a limited budget.  To book an appointment for one of our "Jump Start Days" with an Aspiring Stylist please call the Salon Coordinator at (919) 866-1533.